Day #14 Caviar Tasting 101 at Petrossian

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I have only had caviar a handful of times in my life and I had heard about these Caviar Tasting classes at Petrossian on KCRW and I wanted to check it out before we moved.    Petrossian offers three class levels: 101, 201 and 301.  The 101 class costs only $35 per person and you get 8 tastings of caviar, 4 appetizers and a shot of vodka or glass of champaign.  It’s such a good deal.

The class got a little fuzzy as I was getting to the end of my vodka, but I did feel like I learned a thing or two.  Like caviar is insanely expensive to produce,  Beluga Caviar is illegal and Caviar tastes really good on top of warm bread or a baked potato.  Money well spent.  One of these days I will impress my friends by serving caviar.

The classes are offered the first Thursday of the month and you need to make reservations.  If you stay for dinner and money is no object, they serve a $75 caviar hamburger.    Locations in NY and LA.



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