Day #24 Meltdown Comics

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One of my favorite things to do in my neighborhood is to walk down Sunset Blvd, have dinner at Toi Thai, look at vintage rock t-shirts next door and then shop at Meltdown Comics.  I don’t pretend to be a huge comic book fan because I grew up with a sister and was never exposed to anything other than Barbie, but I love this place.    The first time I came here I saw Lt. Adama from Battlestar Galactica before I got into watching the show.  Now I come back hoping to run into him again.  I have so many questions.

Meltdown Comics has evolved over the years and in a smart way.  While other comic book stores must be struggling to stay open; they have developed other ways to make money.  They have a back room called the Nerdmelt Showroom that hosts a ton of events including comic book drawing and writing classes, improv, “Horrible Movie Night” and comedy nights hosted by actors like Jonah Hill.  I am slowly getting more into comics & graphic novels coming here and I’m reading a new one right now called SAGA which is really good.   I will miss this place.

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1 Response to Day #24 Meltdown Comics

  1. charlesianchun says:

    Whoa! Child me would have emptied his piggy bank at this place.

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