Day #27 Catalina Island

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I was lucky to get to Catalina Island before my move.    It is hard to believe you are still in Los Angeles County when you’re on Catalina Island.    This is by far one of the most beautiful and unique places to see while you are in Los Angeles.   I haven’t visited the island very often over the years because it is expensive to get there and the hotels are pricey.  The good thing is though it isn’t terribly far from L.A. so you can definitely go for just the day.   Catalina Express departs from Long Beach and costs $70 or $62 if you have an AAA card.

Things to do on the island include:

Check out the view from the roof of the Avalon Hotel


Glass Submarine Tour (better than the glass bottom boat)

Snorkeling- the waters surrounding Catalina are some of the clearest in the world so you can see everything down there.

Just hanging out by the beach

Zip Lining- I haven’t done this on Catalina, but I’m sure it’s fun.

Renting a golf cart and checking out the island including the old practice field for the Chicago Cubs

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  1. charlesianchun says:

    Looks nice! I was expecting to read about salad dressing.

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