Day #29 Del Mar Surfside Racetrack

IMG_1695 IMG_1689 IMG_1669 IMG_1693

The Del Mar Racetrack was one of the places I wanted to check out before leaving L.A. because I have known a lot of people over the years who recommended going there.  It’s closer to San Diego than Los Angeles so it takes at least 2 hours to get there from Hollywood.  It is a beautiful track and it was a fun day out, but I think if you are coming from L.A. it’s not worth driving the 2 hours unless you are really into horse racing or you are staying the weekend in San Diego.  The Santa Anita Racetrack just outside of Pasadena is just as nice and possibly prettier and is only 45 minutes from Hollywood.   Keep an eye on Groupon for tickets or buy at the gate.  It’s not an expensive day out.. that is if you don’t lose your money at the races.

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