Day #30 Hike up to Hollywood Sign

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There are many ways to hike around the Hollywood sign and Lake Hollywood, but you have to be with a local or do some research online to know where to go.   Most of the access points to the trails are in residential areas and the homeowners don’t want these access areas to be easy to find for tourists.   So instead the tourists just drive around lost in the streets of Beachwood Canyon asking people in the neighborhood for directions.  I’m not sure which option is better for the homeowners.  My friend and I were stopped a few times on our walk (she lives in the area) and even she couldn’t describe how to get to the access points.  You just know how to get there if you live in the area.  I will do my best to give directions to the walk I took.

Park near the Beachwood Cafe and walk up the street called Belden Dr.  It will wind its way up the hill for about a 10 minute walk.  Keep following the street up until Ledgewood Dr keep going up until you reach the gate to the trail.  At this point, you will be high above Lake Hollywood.  You can follow this trail along to see views of the lake.  It’s a short trail and ends at the private driveway to what is actually Madonna’s old house.  From there you will be on the road that accesses the parks surrounding Lake Hollywood.  Here you can get a good view of the sign and you can follow this road southeast to another trail that makes its way down the hill back into Beachwood Canyon.  On the walk down you can add more to your workout and run up and down the hidden staircase.   If in doubt on how to find a good viewing spot to the sign, just go to the public area near Lake Hollywood.  It’s not as good as the views from the trail, but you can still see it.

Lake Hollywood Info

Hidden Staircase Info


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