Day #31 Watching PWG Wrestling in Reseda

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I am hesitant to write about PWG because I really like going and they have been getting steadily more popular since we started going years ago.    PWG or Pro-Wrestling Guerrilla is the Los Angeles area Professional Independent Wrestling Organization and every few months you can drive to Reseda to see them in action.  Going to see PWG is a commitment.    It is at a VFW hall in a residential neighborhood in Reseda and you have to stand in line for at least an hour to get in and once you get in you have to worry that your chair will be used to smash someone over the head.   Yes my chair was used once and if you sit towards the front you will have to move out of the way of a large flying man.

Going to PWG is one of our favorite date nights.  If you too want to make this into a date: go see PWG, stop by the In-N-Out Burger afterwards and then drive another few miles for live country music at The Cowboy Palace in Chatsworth.   This is a ton of fun if you have an open mind.  Don’t tell too many people about how much fun you have.


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One Response to Day #31 Watching PWG Wrestling in Reseda

  1. charlesianchun says:

    BYOBO! Bring your own body oil!

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