Day #34 Malibu Wines Tasting Room

IMG_1758 IMG_1757 IMG_1767 IMG_1760Malibu Winery is a long time partner of Los Angeles magazine’s so I have mostly been there for work events over the years.   I wanted to go there on my own time to see the outdoor tasting room before we left town.    The tasting room is in a beautiful spot in the Santa Monica Mountains in Malibu.   This is probably one of the most beautiful areas in L.A. County.  It’s not an expensive day out because they don’t sell food there so you have to pack your own picnic and the tastings range from $10-$15.  They have live music on Saturdays and movie nights on Thursdays.     I would recommend bringing a blanket and staying away from the crowded table areas.  People get sloppy so it’s better to watch from far away or close up depending on what you are into.

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